At HSS, we believe success is better when shared. Our benefits package is designed to be competitive in the industry, comprehensive in scope and meaningful to the individuals participating in it. Take a look at what we offer:


Salary:  HSS salaries are robust and intended to be competitive within the industry. Salary reviews and increases are done annually, to reward strong performance and recognize individual efforts in the success of the Firm.

Performance Bonus:  Professional staff have the opportunity to receive performance bonuses annually. These bonuses are based on both individual and Firm performance.


401(k) Plan:  All regular employees have immediate eligibility. The Plan offers traditional and Roth 401(k) deferral options.

Profit-Sharing Plan:  Employees who have completed five months of service are eligible to participate in the Plan.

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance:  Provided to eligible employees at no cost.

Group Term Life Insurance:  Provided to eligible employees at no cost.


Personal Time Off (PTO):  All full-time employees earn between 20 and 30 days of PTO, based on classification and years of service. Part-time employees working at least 1,000 hours earn a prorated portion.

Paid Holidays:  Minimum of 7 paid holidays per year.

Paid Parental Leave:  All full-time employees will have one week (40 hours) of time off, paid at 100% of the employee’s salary, for the birth or placement of a child.

Bereavement Leave:  Paid bereavement leave is available to all staff.

Civic Duty:  Full-time employees subpoenaed to serve as a witness or on a jury will be compensated the difference between the civic pay received and the regular rate of pay for up to 80 hours per year.


Medical/dental/vision insurance:  HSS pays the full premiums for medical and dental insurance, and returns a portion of the premium difference to individuals choosing higher deductible options.

Flexible Spending Plans:  Full-time employees are eligible to participate in plans established under Section 125 of the IRS Code.  Plan options are provided for healthcare and dependent care expenses.

Health Savings Account:  Employees choosing the high deductible insurance option are automatically enrolled in an HSA. The Firm makes contributions to this account through reimbursement of premium differentials.


CPA Exam:  The Firm will reimburse the exam fee for each part passed while the employee is employed with HSS.  The Firm considers time off to take the CPA exam to be compensable.

CPA Study Advance:  HSS provides first time associates hired into HSS a $2,000 advance to cover the cost of CPA study materials.  A new associate is eligible to receive the advance for study materials upon the signing of an employment agreement.  If an employee spends less than $2,000 on course fees, the remaining funds will be paid to the associate upon the successful completion of the exam.

Licenses & Memberships:  The Firm pays the state license fees for all certified personnel. The Firm also pays for membership in OSCPA, AICPA, and any other membership the firm deems beneficial to the employee as a member of the firm.

Continuing Education:  HSS provides for employees’ continuing education to the extent necessary to maintain professional certifications, comply with governmental auditing standards, and maintain a high level of professional ability.


Flexible Dress Policy:  The HSS “Dress for Your Day” policy allows for casual dress in the office when not working directly with clients.

Flexible Work Schedule:  HSS helps employees maintain work-life balance by providing flexibility in work schedules, which allow staff to vary the number of hours worked and/or vary the time period during which hours are worked.

Incentive Bonuses:  The Firm pays bonuses to staff for successful client development efforts and for successful employee recruitment efforts.

Cell Phone & Internet Reimbursement:  HSS pays $25 per month for employees’ home Internet connection.  Additionally, the Firm will pay up to $50 per month for employees’ cell phone expense for Managers and Senior Managers.

Ergonomic Work Space:  All employees are provided with standing work desks, multiple monitors and technology appropriate to assist them in managing the balance between their work deliverables and their personal well being.

Health Facility:  The office building has an onsite fitness room, accessible to HSS employees at no charge.

Parking:  Parking is free at the office for all employees.  Parking at client sites and office events is also reimbursable.