About HSS

Founded in Portland in 1979, Hoffman, Stewart & Schmidt, P.C. (HSS) has grown to become one of the largest local CPA firms in the state of Oregon. We are a member of the American Institute of CPAs’ ‟Group of 400,” consisting of public accounting firms ranking in size from 100 to 500 (out of over 40,000) in the United States.

The firm is also a member of AGN International, a worldwide association of separate and independent accounting and consulting firms. Through this association, we are able to dramatically expand our resources across a broad spectrum of technical and business topics to assist our clients in addressing the tax, financial reporting, and other business challenges posed by both domestic and global ventures. This affiliation also enables us to expand and enhance our educational offerings and professional network to our staff.

Our structure and culture are successful by any measure. Our employee and client retention rates, which exceed industry averages, are key measurements of this success. Additionally, we have experienced revenue growth year-over-year for the past ten years. We contribute our continued growth to the client service we provide and the investment in the career development of our employees. With a staff of 50, HSS is large enough to provide clients with significant depth and breadth of expertise, yet small enough to offer the personalized service of a local firm. The Firm is also large enough to provide our staff with a wide array of challenging projects and clients, but personal enough to offer individualized support and counseling to support each employees’ career development.

Supporting Our Staff

We believe the best way to take care of our business is to take care of our people. We understand our interns and new associates have a lot of decisions to make to get where they want to go. At HSS, we support their careers by investing in formal training and credentialing, providing them with continuous, one-on-one mentorship, creating early opportunities to learn on the job, and working with them to find their career

Client Service

HSS’s level of service is different than any of our competitors. Our relationship-based service style, matched with our technical expertise, industry experience and commitment to putting the best interests of our client first, separate us from other firms. We are proud of the quality reflected in the professional services we deliver and recognize that clients select and retain our firm based on our experience, and the quality, reliability and responsiveness they receive. Our success is also dependent on the degree of authority, responsibility and independent judgment exercised by our personnel, and on our ability to deliver outstanding service to clients on schedule, at a fair price, and in response to their unique needs.